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The EasyHoist was designed to lift small loads (up to 100 kg) required in structures, smoke stacks and scaffolding in a manner that is both safe and ergonomically efficient. 

How often have you been witness to workers lifting small pieces of equipment, e.g. a welding machine, toolboxes or flanges while hanging over the hand railing of a structure? Should the worker lose his foot grip whilst in this position, he will have to let go of the rope to regain his balance and in the process possibly damage expensive equipment. Furthermore, the unnatural body position can result in lower back pain and, over the longer term, even result in injury to the spinal cord. 

The EasyHoist addresses both these concerns. It is equipped with an adjustable brake system. This allows the worker to take his hand off the rope without the load dropping to the ground. It also enables the worker to stand in an upright position,which does not put any strain on the lower back.



Construction materials

  • High strength steel and HDPE


  • 17 kg, excluding rope and pulley

Surface finish

  • Galvanized and powder coated


  • Silver and blue

Vertical tube length

  • 1000 mm

Horizontal swing arm

  • 350 mm

Basic lifting capacity

  • 25 kg (100 kg with the ADDON option)


  • 12 mm diameter, up to 220 m long

Kit includes

  • O&M manual