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ANPR System

Ideal for estates, car pools, shopping centers etc., this low cost ANPR (Automated number plate reader) system is loaded with features.  Being able to read vehicle number plates and insert the number into a database, the number can then be associated with a specific vehicle and driver from where important information can be drawn.  With each entry or exit a date and time stamp is logged with the specific number plate in the data base. It now becomes easy to gather history on the vehicle’s movement through the access control point and to extract reports, e.g. it can tell the operator which vehicles have entered the security area without leaving again. The same can be done for vehicles that have left a car pool area without returning. The operator can create a list of suspicious vehicle numbers.  When such a vehicle passes the camera the vehicles data entry is highlighted in red. The ANPR system can accommodate 12 cameras, 6 for entry and 6 for exit. All the cameras are equipped with infrared lighting which automatically switches on during low light conditions.


  • Accommodates 12 cameras (6 for entry and 6 for exit)
  • All cameras have infrared capability for night vision
  • Both fixed line or radio video transmission available
  • The software can be taught to identify new number plate characters, making provision for the unique characteristics of different provinces’ number plates, as well as that of bordering countries
  • Suspicious vehicle identification data base
  • Locally designed, manufactured and supported