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IoT & 3DP all-in-one solutions

At RedPro we invest only in the best people, companies and technologies we can afford to reach our goals in providing cost effective solutions to our clients.  Building on our solid engineering past (Mechanical, Electronics, Software) and keeping with the times, we are also now embracing the world of IoT (Internet of Things) and 3DP (3D printing).  

Being able to program a micro computer (typically 1.4 GHz, quad core, 1 GB ram, dual WiFi, HDMI, 40 I/O pins, Windows IoT, which can be globally connected) is only one aspect in providing an all-in-one solution.  Besides providing the software applications (2017 - C#, XAML, UWP, VB ) and a micro computer, we can also 3D CAD design (with Pro-engineer) and 3D print (with our in-house thermoplastic printers) the required housings, enclosures, brackets etc. for the particular application in PET-G (a variety of colors available).

Below is a list (courtesy of IoT Analytics, Germany) of all the segments where IoT have been implemented successfully.

RedPro will initially focus on optical monitoring and analysis applications, which can be applied in almost each of the below IoT segments.  We will however also invest in niche products to diversify our offerings.

One of the first optical product solutions is our in-house developed ANPR (autonomous number plate reading) application, which can be found under our solutions tab.